Discover the pulsating heart of contemporary art at the Latona Collection. Our brightly lit exhibition space offers an ideal setting to explore works from both emerging and established artists. Each visit is an invitation to a visual and emotional journey through a diverse array of artistic creations.


In our spacious halls, you will find a carefully selected range of artworks, from paintings to installations. The warm and welcoming atmosphere encourages visitors to linger, discuss, and be inspired. Exhibitions at the Latona Collection are not just a feast for the eyes; they are a conversation between the artist and the viewer, a dialogue that changes and evolves with every new piece displayed.

Thanks to the extensive network of our agency, Latona Agency, we have the unique opportunity to offer exhibitions in prestigious locations around the world, including Dubai, Monaco, Paris, and Miami. These international collaborations allow us to present extraordinary works to a global audience, thereby enriching the artistic experience for our artists and visitors.

At Latona Collection, we take pride in creating unique experiences for our visitors, bringing them closer to art and inviting them to discover new artistic horizons. Join us and let your mind escape into the fascinating world of contemporary art.

Our artists