Latona Collection is proud to be part of the prestigious network of Latona Agency, a renowned agency in the contemporary art world. This collaboration allows us to broaden our horizons, offer an international platform for our artists, and present exceptional artworks to a global audience. With this extensive network, we have access to unique opportunities, enabling Latona Collection to participate in renowned exhibitions and organize artistic events in key cities such as Dubai, Monaco, Paris, and Miami. Our alliance with Latona Agency symbolizes our commitment to excellence and innovation in the art world.

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In addition to our collaboration with Latona Agency, we continually strive to innovate and explore new avenues in contemporary art. This dynamic allows us to discover and promote emerging talents, while offering fresh and diverse perspectives to our visitors. Our partnership with Latona Agency is not just a bridge to global opportunities, but also a commitment to discovering and celebrating creativity in all its forms. Together, we work to shape the future of art, always with an eye towards innovation and excellence.

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